My favorite shark

Prickly dogfish

The Prickly dogfish, Oxynotus bruniensis (J. D. Ogilby, 1893).

As part of our daily routine as a fisheries observers we identify all the possible species that we see. This helps the scientists know what is caught and where.

This shark is very cool. It has a high dorsal (your back is the dorsal section of your body) hump that has a nasty looking spine sticking out of it. The common name for this little beastie is the Prickly Dogfish, the scientific name is: Oxynotus bruniensis (J. D. Ogilby, 1893).  J.D. Ogilby identified this species in 1893.

The skin of the Prickly dogfish is extremely rough, think of the coarsest sandpaper you have seen or felt and you are close to the sensation. It has been important for observers to provide information about these sharks as there is little known about them.



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